Avoiding Germs

It’s extremely important not to get sick when you are undergoing treatment for cancer.  When white blood cell counts are down, viruses can turn into infections which can turn into 9-hour waits at Emergency.  Because the rule is, if you’re having chemo and you get a fever, you go to the hospital tout de suite. 

The other rule is that you wait there getting exposed to bigger and meaner germs while every skateboarder with a bone sticking out of his calf and every angry person who opted to stop taking meds that night is seen to as you whimper, groan and hate them all from your little germ-riddled chair.  Lots of time to contemplate whether the system is working.

Obviously there are better things to do with those 9 hours, like sleep. 

My naturopath has encouraged me to wear a mask in very public places to avoid exposure to airborne germs.  Can’t do it.  (OK I might do it in the Emergency waiting room.) 

But at least at home we’re on top of it, keeping this in plain view on the kitchen counter: 



Control what you can, right?


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  1. seetor

    How can I possibly be enjoying reading about breast cancer, and especially when the author is someone I care so deeply about? Could it be that I love you, so no matter what you write I think it’s great? No, that’s not it. Maybe it’s because I feel like in some way I have shared this experience with you in some strange surreal way? No, that’s not it either. I’ll tell you what it is – your incredible talent coupled with your truth, humour and humility – more potent than any chemical concoction – this is the elixir that is keeping you strong and brings this whole thing to life for those who read it – whether they have met you or not.

    Even though I have first hand info about what’s going on, I find myself eagerly checking this blog each day to see what new poignant witticisms you reveal. Laughing and crying in tandem is a good thing. You know how when you love and admire someone so much that is almost pours out of you and you think it can’t get any bigger or more powerful and then it does in such a pleasantly amazing way? That’s where I’m at with you – so proud, so hopeful and so !@#% glad I know ya!

    I know with treatment and everything else posting every day is probably a challenge, but it’s so worth it – your words help people – whether they have breast cancer or not.

    All I can say is it’s going to be one hell of a birthday party this year . . .

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