Just Plain Sick

I’m sick.  Coughing, oozing, aching sick.  Voice like a chain-smoker after a Jack Daniels binge sick.  Under the duvet sick.  Chicken noodle and ginger tea sick.  Third box of kleenex in two days sick.  Not really up to blogging sick.



We cancer types aren’t supposed to take cold medication because it might mask our symptoms as they get worse (and then before you know it we get nasty infections.) So please, if anyone has any home remedies for colds, I beg you to share them with me.  Raw garlic, steam baths, eye of newt — whatever, I’m open to anything.



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  1. lulubelle

    I’m sure back massages and foot rubs definatley help with a nasty cold. Other than that all I can recommend is echinacia(spelling has never been my strong suit!). I overdose on it in orange juice every couple of hours, and that normally kicks things in a day or two. Feel better!

  2. Lisa

    Hey Leanne,

    Oil of Oregano? This is supposed to fight infections!! I just bought a bottle for my own cold. It burns – but I can tell its gewd. – xoL

  3. Linda

    I have found that the combination of 25 mg of zinc twice a day, plus a lot of vitamin C (2000 mg+), and 400 i.u. of vitamin E daily works to fight a cold. This combo is best taken at the first sign of a cold. The zinc upsets my stomach a little, so I take it right before a meal. I love reading your blog and I wish you all the best. *hugs*

  4. Elaine

    Hi Leanne
    Try this, if you still have that cold:
    fresh ginger root – 1 inch
    1/2 fresh lemon
    2 tbsp. honey

    Boil enough water to fill a mug. When boiling, throw in that inch of ginger chopped into about 4 bits. Reduce heat low & simmer the ginger root for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, squeeze the 1/2 lemon & keep juice to one side. When ginger has simmered, cut up what’s left of that 1/2 lemon & throw into pot. Put lid on & let steep another 5 minutes. Put the honey in a mug (I use a thick glass Spanish coffee mug), strain your ‘tea’ into the glass & stir till honey is incorporated. Then add the reserved lemon juice….this is important because if the lemon juice is added first, the boiling water kills the vitamin C.
    Enjoy this, it’s good, just before bedtime.

    And all the very best to you, brave sister. You’ll make it. I am 13 years BC free. Yay!!

  5. Marilyn

    I just read an article that said you should take 1/4 tsp. cinnamon in 1 tsp. of honey for 3 days to reduce cold symptoms. Haven’t tried it but hope it works.

  6. busylady3

    I am a 9 year BC survivor and I used the lemon juice, honey & ginger root concoction during my chemo treatments. I really did help with my cold.
    I was also hospitalized for 3 days to get antibiotics by intervenous when my cold first started – that may have helped too. Wish you the best in your fight. Angels are watching over you.

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