AWOL from the Blogosphere

It occurs to me that I should explain my recent absence from the blogosphere.


From now on I’ll no longer be posting daily – things have gotten a little hectic lately between going to the hospital daily for radiation, trying to get back into working a little bit, and the general juggling of family and other life demands…  Throw in the radiation-induced fatigue that has hit me like a wall of jet-lag-meets-hangover, and dishing out a daily dose of blog has become a bit too much for me to manage.  See?  I’m writing in run-on sentences.


Better stick to visuals for today.


Yesterday I went to the ol’ chemo stomping grounds for my infusion of Herceptin (once every three weeks for another 10 months or so) and my mom took some photos:  




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2 responses to “AWOL from the Blogosphere

  1. Eva B.

    Re; your question regarding to the fatigue: is it getting be worse?
    I don’t know.Everyone reacts differently.I was told that the sideeffects of radiation are: 1/burning(I have got it but after a while it was all right.2/Depression: I did not get it at all!3/ Fatigue: I had it badly, but only after I finished the radiation.It improved after 2-3 months and then it disappeared completely.If you feel very tired, do not push yourself.Try to rest. It helps a bit.Be patient and try to laugh!Love from Eva

  2. Zdraste! Vot takoi vot u vas horoshiy sait. Spasibki.

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