Happy New Year

Recession, destabilization, doom, gloom, blah, blah, blah…



I, for one, am looking forward to 2009, no matter how grim the outlook.  2008 was basically the hardest year of my life and I am thrilled to be kissing it goodbye tonight.  I know it might not look like a great year up ahead, but I’ve got high hopes that it will at least be no worse than 2008, and possibly a lot better.



So to anyone who has had a similarly trying year – and to all who have supported me through my dark times – I wish you a very happy, healthy New Year, full of brighter days.


Whatever comes our way in 2009, here’s something to keep in mind, from a sign that I see every day in the radiation clinic:







Bring on the New Year!




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5 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. geminigirl

    Happy New Year, Leanne!

    Your spirit is strong and reaches out to those of us who read your blog. I feel confident in saying those who are privileged to know you in “real” life count their blessings every day.



  2. Eva Butloer

    Happy, Healthy New Year to you Leanne!Keep on, do not give iT up, count the days and weeks, and believe that you can and will make it!I wish you that from full of my heart! Eva

  3. Goldenray

    Here! Here! Happy New Year and Cheers to brighter 2009. Thank you for the candid and humorous sharing of your story. I too am on this Breast Cancer roller coaster ride (would someone please stop the ride :o). Your blog has truly touched my heart – I only wish I found it sooner. Thank you again for sharing. May 2009 bring you and your family health, strength, laughter and happiness.

  4. David Jones

    All the best for 2009. Seeing your bald head on this blog only reminds of how many times you reminded me mine was shaped like a cinder block.

    Happy New Year!

  5. lcoppen

    Hey commentors – THANK YOU for the support, for the comments, the feedback. Happy New Year, to each of you. Like the song says, Better things will surely come our way.

    And Jonesy, it IS shaped like a cinderblock!


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