Weekend to End Breast Cancer

I’ve just signed up for the 60k two-day Weekend to End Breast Cancer walk, September 12-13.  


It comes almost exactly at the end of my treatment program, so it will be a kind of celebration for me and a way for me to give cancer a good kick in the pants after more than a year of it doing that to me.  


If you haven’t heard about The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, check out this video. I dare you to watch it and not get either all teary-eyed or goosebumpy, or both.


Proceeds from the Toronto walk fund breast cancer research, treatment, and services at The Princess Margaret Hospital, but they do the walks in a number of cities, so check out www.endcancer.ca to see if there’s one in your area.


If anyone has ever done one of these before, please send me any tips or insights you might have to help me with my training!!  Or if you want to help me reach my fundraising goal please check out my page on the Weekend to End Breast Cancer site and LET’S END BREAST CANCER!!! 





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4 responses to “Weekend to End Breast Cancer

  1. Katie

    The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is an AMAZING event. I have done it twice before and am walking again this year (though just for a day) with a big group of my mom’s friends and daughters.
    Here are a couple of hot tips based on my past experience:
    1. Fundraising – use your personal page & the web tools on the site to send email to everyone you know. You will be astounded by how much $ you can raise just by sending out one mass email.
    2. Training – With a full time job & two young children, I did not find the time to do a lot of “long walks” training. Instead I focused on having a good overall level of fitness + I did a few 1 1/2 – 2 hour walks in the days leading up to the walk. For making through the weekend, it’s all about avoiding blisters — good, worked-in shoes + a change of socks mid day + vaseline on your toes (crazy, but it works). And stretch at every pit stop.
    3. Be prepared to be amazed at how well-organized and how powerful this event is. I can’t say enough what an incredible experience it is. And bring some kleenex – the video is just a hint of the powerful emotions you’ll experience over the two days!

  2. lcoppen

    Vaseline on the toes! Who knew?

    Thanks Katie for these excellent tips — I’m taking every word to heart.

    And your enthusiasm for the Walk has just increased my excitement about being a part of it this year, so thanks for the positivity!


  3. Jane Hall

    I keep going to the “endcancer.ca” website to see if there is a walk in London and it is coming up as “virus infected” everytime! Is there another web site for me to check? I’ve asked around and no one seems to know anything about it. They just keep reminding me about our Braz for Cause event in October. This is very frustrating.

  4. l.

    Jane – I just checked it out and I had the same problem. (What kind of a creep puts a trojan virus on a cancer fundraising website?) Anyway, I called The Walk offices (416 815 9255) and they’re aware of the problem and trying to sort it out. Hopefully everything will be up and running soon!

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