happy birthday, happy mother’s day

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day — and my daughter’s 3rd birthday. 


Around this time last year, a few days before her second birthday, my husband and I had just learned that the cancer was found in my lymph nodes, following a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy.


We were stunned, terrified, practically catatonic.  We decided not to share the news with anyone until after Georgia’s birthday, but everyone knew something was up. We really wanted things to be “normal” for Georgia, but we weren’t up to planning a big birthday party, so we thought we would just have a few kids around for cake.


That’s when our friends, and Georgia’s godfather in particular, stepped in and took matters into their own hands: they rallied together and threw a magical surprise birthday party for Georgia in our backyard.  Decorations, balloons, cupcakes… Our family and friends all around us… It was beautiful.  I’ll never forget the kindness of that gesture; it was a miracle I made it through the day without constantly bursting into tears.


So, this year in the weeks leading up to Georgia’s party all I could think of was how lucky I am to be here, with my health returning, through the worst of treatment.  How lucky I am to be healthy enough to plan my daughter’s party. In fact, I was so into it that my husband accused me of being even more excited than Georgia… I don’t know, can anyone be more excited than a toddler on her birthday? 


Possibly.  It was a great day.  Georgia was off-the-charts happy — and I can’t remember the last time I felt so grateful to be alive. Happiest Mother’s Day ever.






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3 responses to “happy birthday, happy mother’s day

  1. angela

    Hi Leanne: I am 52 and was told I had breast cancer a little over two years ago. I myself had a “grateful to be alive moment last week” My first grandchild was born last Monday, a beautiful boy named David. I am now a healthy new Grandma with a wallet full of baby pics. I held that precious baby on the day he was born and whispered thank-you. We are truly the lucky ones, you and I. We should sing and dance for all those who can’t. Enjoy your beautiful daughter! Angela

  2. Jane Hall

    Congratulations Leanne and Angela and to me too! WE HAD ANOTHER MOTHER’S DAY.
    I was diagnosed at the end of May ’08, so I had already celebrated and even taken for granted my Mother’s Day. I would like to spend the afternoon at different gardening centres, seeing what’s new, getting ideas and just enjoying the smell of the greenhouses. Then I come home to a nice BBQ’d dinner and family.

    This year I did the same thing but I was very conscious of my feelings and senses towards what I was doing. I was actually weepy as I was driving from one garden centre to another. I HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE!!! That phrase just kept circling round in my head all day… and I’m sooooo thankful that I do. Next month, I will be watching my daughter graduate grade eight… another thing I USED to take for granted. Not anymore! 🙂

  3. barb derick

    Hi I just finished radiation. I refused chemo because my breast cancer was not spreading and all results were good if you can say that. I am still on edge but happy to be here. The doctors scared me before having all the facts. The course is maybe cut off breast after surgery they do not want two operations. Operation, chemo, radiation and femera. and take out ovaries. I had lumpectomy and the surgeon was surprized with results. I said no to chemo after results. They did not like that. My inner voice was screaming do not do it. Radiation was well, a big thing but I got thru it. Now they are at me about femera. It says on many sites DO NOT TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE PERIMENOPAUSAL. It can cause cancer in other places, strokes, clots. why would I take that .
    I am taking DIM, IP6 (supplements with good results from cancer trials) green tea extract, tumeric and ginger, flax seed and oil (great effects on breast cancer) There are many things the doctors do not tell you but it seems it is a one size fit all. that does not work for me. I had stage 1 cancer, her2 neg. not spreading, and yes receptors are hormone sensitive but I can do other things like DIM…is great for hormones.
    I would have been cut up so much my right boob off and ovaries out. I believed in faith enough to listen to my inner self when it was screaming no…..
    Also so many women with breast cancer are really affected financially and do not have the money for all this illness. I really want to see more help for women with money issues so they do not have to worry over that. Willow.org and Brazforacause will give women money to help them with costs. I want to see more funds available to women away from research. Women should not have to be in a panic about bills, and money when going thru cancer. Women believe in your inner voice. I am well and will continue with DIM IP6 hypnosis, chi gong is very good. there many other ways listen to your wise inner voice

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