The lump on my neck was biopsied this morning.  FINALLY. 


My surgeon stuck a needle into my neck while I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lip and tried to not cry, scream or hit anyone.  Especially not him.  He’s a good man; it’s not his fault that I had to have a needle in my neck.  It’s the lump’s fault. Stupid lump.


I should have results Tuesday. In a way, not having the answer right now is a good thing, because we’re heading up north for our friends’ wedding this weekend, and I don’t want to have to think about anything but their happiness and this celebration of love and friendship and family. 


There’s no room for lumps at this party.  There’s no room for lumps in my life.



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2 responses to “Biopsified

  1. Jane Hall

    This lump of your HAS to be nothing. We’ve had our veins filled up with enough poison shit to kill a bull elephant!!! My friend just had her lump removed (hers was in her throat at the base of the neck) and it was benign. She had just been back at work full time for 2 weeks when she found the lump. I told her no way it could be anything… I’m sure there’s chemo residue still floating around in you. After the specialist scared the crap out of her talking about different lymphomas and cancer… this was benign. What caused it??? The stress of going back to work and having to pick up the slack. I head back to my job July 6th. I’m looking forward to it and also seeing my customers again… I’ve missed them all so much. But I’ll be damned if my work is going to stress me out… I will tell them that it is soooo not allowed.

    I also discovered one good thing about chemo! Since it kills the immune system and then we have to build it back up again… my pollen allergies haven’t come this year. Unfortunately, my chemo doc can’t promise how long this will last… darn. I’m hoping for a good 20 years or so.

  2. l.

    Thanks for the positive thoughts – I re-read this comment all the time, especially “This lump of yours HAS to be nothing…I’m sure there’s still chemo residue floating around in you.” There is! Otherwise why would they insist we wait a full two years after treatment to get pregnant? Plus I’m still getting herceptin every three weeks.
    It HAS to be nothing, right?

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