Tyce Diorio – So You Think You Can Dance


Two nights ago on the popular show “So You Think You Can Dance” there was an incredibly moving piece choreographed by Tyce Diorio as a tribute to a friend with breast cancer.  I was in hospital that night and a friend texted me that she had just watched it. Since then so many friends have sent me this link and apparently it was all over the entertainment shows last night. 


Get the Kleenex out.  The dancing is just beautiful – emotional and vulnerable and poignant.  And for me, the Maxwell version of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work is on its own enough to get the waterworks flowing: “Make it go.  Just make it go away…”


Yep, I can relate to that. Tissue, please.






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4 responses to “Tyce Diorio – So You Think You Can Dance

  1. Katie

    Wow. Sitting in my office wiping the tears away and trying to reset back to “office mode.”

    My family has been watching (and loving) this season of “SYTYCD” by PVRing each week’s episodes and watching them together on Friday night in place of a movie. So I hadn’t seen this amazing dance yet. I’m kind of glad to be forewarned, and definitely look forward to watching it again tonight. I expect my girls and I to be sobbing together, so will definitely keep the tissues close by.

  2. Kathy Kemp

    I watched this piece the other night and luckily I had it taping. It was the most beautiful dance I have ever seen I was absolutely moved with emotion. It portrayed the perfect story of a woman with breast cancer and the man who stands beside her. I have many close people in my life battling with breast cancer and all I have to say is, “Thank you Tyce for creating this piece. Breath-taking!”

  3. lcoppen

    KATIE – Yes I think it was a good thing you were forewarned!!! My mom and I can’t even talk about it on the phone without getting all teared up. Get the kleenex ready!

    And KATHY I agree that this portrayal of the woman with breast cancer and the man who stands by her has captured something almost universal about the experience a couple goes through (that is if the woman is indeed lucky enough to have a partner who is truly supportive). It’s easy to forget how hard it must be for them to stand on the “outside” and let the woman they love do all the “work” of fighting. Yesterday, occupying the hospital bed beside me was an older woman, and her husband was by her side every second – adjusting her pillow and reading to her and helping her to eat and getting her anything she neeeded… They were just as beautiful as the young & gorgeous dancers in this clip.

    My husband hasn’t watched this yet (SYTYCD not being his cup of tea) but I want him to when he gets home tonight; he needs to know why he keeps catching me gazing at him with that adoring “you’re my hero” look!!
    – Leanne

  4. geminigirl


    Thank you for posting the link. The dance and choreography were beautiful and moving. Mia Michaels’ words, however, really touched me.



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