Treatment yesterday.  Knocked out today.  Am in bed with tea… feeling flattened by the sad news that an ex-girlfriend of my husband’s died this morning.  She had lung cancer.  She was supposed to be getting married on Sunday.  Too tragic.  Maybe I’ll post again later when I have a bit more energy.



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2 responses to “K-O’d

  1. Carol W.


    There dark moments when nothing seems right or fair. Have your moment. Release it. Then, do what you have to do and get back to your fight. You remain an inspiration.

    Love, Carol

  2. Eva

    Leanne, I just came home from the hospital a week ago.I undewent a thymoma and a lung sugery, 3 hours surgery. 6 days in intensive care unit and 15 day at TGH,
    It looks like that I have to recover becasue the thymoma was grade 1A and all of the lymphnodes surrounding but in the lung are negative!
    I cant eat (coming back) sleep ( it is 2;30 am! speaak, my voice cord is malfunctions since the surgery, and I also got some heart problem, which now is treated> Otherwise I am fine!
    Cheer up Leanne not everybody die and you wil l also NOT!I do not want either as yet, although I am appr. twive as old as you are!Eva

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