The ‘Cancer-Causing Demons’ Debate

Nothing like kicking off the week with a little heated debate! Thanks to all the people who have weighed in so far on the Cancer-Causing Demons post.  Clearly it’s a topic that stirs emotions and incites all kinds of responses, with fairly explosive results.  Just like the discussions around the family dinner table when I was growing up, except with less table-thumping and fork-waving.

While we’re on the topic of responsibility and blame, my friend Jodi sent me this link  Totally genius.



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2 responses to “The ‘Cancer-Causing Demons’ Debate

  1. andrea

    I PRAY FATHER GOD THAT U OPEN THE EYES OF THOSE THAT CANT SEE RESEPTIVE HEARTS N SPIRITS IN JESUS NAME I ALSO SPEAK HEALING IN THE WORDS THEY READ SHOW THEM THE DOORWAY OF THERE SICKNESS SO THEY CAN BE SET FREE AMEN.I have ben healed from cancer. cancer is caused by sin, doorways opened through rape.molestation, demons cause scaring. The key is we were healed by his stripes,so we arnt suposed to accept it . we are to pray n fight it never accept it or receive it , no matter what it feels like or what it looks like . go by faith not by sight. God didnt give it to you so you dont take it .it has to go in jesus name. Faith and strong will to know Gods word is life truth n lite. HAHA satan lost GOD STARTS B4 HE FINISHES N FINISHES B4 HE STARTS

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