60K in 60 Pics

I did it!  I walked every step of the 60K Weekend To End Breast Cancer Walk, with my BFFs/teammates/personal pep squad by my side.  It was an amazing, emotional, blister-producing, leg-stiffening, beautiful, slightly insane experience.  There were a lot of tears along the way (actually there were tears even before we took the first official steps…not naming any names… Mummy. Ahem.) and a lot of borderline-hysterical laughs, and even a little bit of dancing.  Best of all, it felt like a gigantic kick to cancer’s hind parts.  

Here’s what it looks like in 60 pictures:



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10 responses to “60K in 60 Pics

  1. Susie Q

    WOW! Leanne, you’re AMAZING!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Just goes to show you, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!! I was thinking about you on Sat., and felt guilty that I wasn’t walking…but I had to work…and thought about you again on Sun. …and often…

    Thanks for posting the photos! You looked great, what a superstar, what an inspiration you are! And what a fabulous fund raiser you are!…and your daughter is gorgeous!

    You looked like you had a lot of fun (through the blisters and the pain). I’m so glad for you and that you were feeling up to it. I am just SO impressed that you did 60K!!! You should be SO proud of yourself! …and always remember that great feeling of yourself doing the amazing!!! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO!!! You go girl!

  2. Cammer

    Very impressive, Leanne! Not just that you walked 60k, but that you had the wherewithal to take great snaps along the way. Very well done!

  3. Judy & Bill

    God bless you Leanne.
    You did it!!!!!
    Loved the hat.

  4. Phoenix Deb

    Huzzah!!! Thundering congrats, Leanne. (And who looks this good after a night in a tent?!)

  5. Anita

    Um… didn’t I say I wanted one of those T-shirts?!?!? 🙂

    Congratulations! You looked fantastic, and your daughter is gorgeous.

  6. lisa

    Even just being a supporter at a cheering station was such an experience. The powerful energy surrounding your walk was like no other. I am definitely doing this walk with you next year Leanne. You are such an inspiration to me. xoL

  7. Laura

    Congratulations on such a huge achievement! What an inspiration you are!

  8. lcoppen

    Thanks for all the enthusiastic cheers and notes of congrats!! I’m still absolutely reeling from the experience!

    I wanted to post so many pictures so people would be able to get a sense of what the Walk is really like, and maybe even be tempted to sign themselves up for next year. I confess though that at about kilometer 25 I thought the whole thing was crazy and wondered why the hell I ever thought I wanted to do 60 kilometers, but then I also remember wondering during childbirth why the hell I ever thought I wanted a baby. (Both are well worth the pain!)

    And yes Anita, I thought of you when my friend from my old workplace had the t-shirt made and sent to me as a surprise, just in time for the walk! It’s great isn’t it??

    Thanks everyone for all the kudos and for sharing in my post-walk high!!

  9. Kelly

    Woohoo! I did the walk too. I had just finished my last chemo treatment two days before the walk but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. People kept asking me how I did it? My answer is: I just did – screw the cancer! I’m just waiting now to get a little stronger for my radiation. It’s so good to read that I wasn’t the only one in the middle of treatment that walked. Keep up your spirits and like I said, screw the cancer!!

  10. haike

    Leanne, you dont know me, but I know your amazing strong Mother Jann. I hold you in my prayers and thoughts and admire your strength and determination to beat this “cancer crapp”. I only understand it so well because I have been a “sidekick” to my best friend Tracee as you went through the journey of breast cancer.
    You will fight this beast with all your might! You go girl!! Haike Vaudry

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