Cancer-Killing Pellets

These are my new drugs — pink is Xeloda and the yellowish ones are Tykerb: 

Yum Yum! Cancer-killing pellets!

Yum Yum! Cancer-killing pellets!


So far so good; a little fatigue and some Trotskiite activity, but overall pretty smooth.  Today is day three.



Filed under Living with Breast Cancer

3 responses to “Cancer-Killing Pellets

  1. Gwen

    I am glad you got started on those pretty pastel-coloured pills with not too much delay, and that thus far any side-effects are relatively mild. There sure are a lot of pills, though. I hope they target and kill every one of those evil cells. Apoptosis?

  2. leanne coppen


  3. Anita

    Sounds like some sort of evil pop tart!

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