Buddies, Babies & Balloons for The Cure

My friends Graham & Karen participated in the CIBC Run/Walk/Stroller for the Cure last weekend with their twin boys, Andrew and Ben. 

Ben & Andrew bundle up for the cause!

Andrew was participating for his “Gran D”  — Graham’s mom, Mary Sue Douglas — and I was very honoured that Ben was strolling in my name!  (You can tell he was taking it very seriously.)

Here’s what Karen wrote to friends and family after the walk:

“We were so moved by the thousands of people and we felt you were with us walking and saying ‘let’s kick this diseases’ butt once and for all!’  [Here] is the stroller decorated by one of Leanne’s tag lines that we adopted.  We had some good looks and some ‘you bets’ and I have to say it was therapeutic to write CANCER IS CRAP on pretty pink balloons.”

Stroller for the Cure!


 Pink balloons have never looked better! Hurrah for Gray, Karen & the little fellas!


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One response to “Buddies, Babies & Balloons for The Cure

  1. Gwen

    What lovely babies! Love the decorations and the C is C sentiments. Leanne, I hope you are feeling OK and that the latest meds are doing their job. Positive vibes to you as always.

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