Book: Project Hope

This book, Project Hope, was lent to me by a friend & her teenage son Julian, who spent last year fighting cancer (and from what I hear doing so like a hard-boiled street fighter.) 

Each page profiles a different survivor of childhood cancer.  Some were just babies when they were diagnosed, and others were on the cusp of young adulthood.  They talk about spinal taps and losing their hair and missing out on school and just wanting to be a normal kid again. If they’re still too young to write, their parents have contributed something on their behalf: stories of hearing the terrifying diagnoses, of trying to keep a brave face as they watch their children being wheeled down corridors and into surgery, of whole families spending holidays and birthdays at a brave little person’s bedside in hospital… 

OK, so not exactly light reading.  But neither is it the complete heart-breaker you might imagine it to be.  Yes, you’ll encounter a child with no hair, wearing a hospital gown — but then you’ll read about how much he liked racing around the ward on an IV tree. 

I read a page or two almost every night & it has the effect of smacking my perspective back into place and making sure I don’t go feeling too sorry for myself.   As a parent, it reminds me to be thankful that my child is healthy and strong.  And as a person with cacner, it chases the boogeyman from the dark corners and makes me say: if they can do it, so can I.   Brave little buggers.



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5 responses to “Book: Project Hope

  1. Betty Ann

    Just started reading your Blog.Thanks so much for letting us into “your” world” Also thanks alot for giving me some Positivity today. I suffer from a disease where I have tumors on every nerve ending in my body.Thankfully they are begein at this time.Today, though is a sucky hurting day But after reading your blog I can NOT,not complain what so-ever.You truly are an inspiration for me so thank you.My thoughts and my prayers will be with you my new found friend. Take care and God Bless you!

  2. geminigirl

    Hey Leanne,

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you and your family are enjoying the weekend.

    I’d like to read “Project Hope”. I was always grateful it was me going through cancer and not my daughter. It was one of the “thank yous” I had. Periodically when I was going for radiation treatments there would be a little boy there for treatment too. His presence reinforced for me, if he can do this having been on this earth for such a short time, I can certainly cope!

    I have such admiration and respect for you. You hang on to your perspective and humor tenaciously through this journey. I KNOW how challenging this is to do.

    Hope it’s sunny in Ontario. N.S. is having a very sunny day.

    Love, Gemini

  3. leanne coppen

    BETTY ANN – I read this: “I have tumors on every nerve ending in my body” and literally yelled ARE YOU KIDDING ME at my computer. Thank god they are benign at this time & lets hope they jst stay that way. And, yes you can complain if you want to. If you feel like howling at the moon, I say go for it. Sometimes it helps make you feel stronger.

    GEMINI – It is in fact very sunny here today, and the leaves are turning and we had a great thanksgiving dinner with fabulous family chaos and lots of glorious food. Lots to be thankful for. Nice to know you’re out there, as always.


  4. Tina Campbell

    My son Jeremy was featured in one of the editions and we were supposed to receive a copy.Unfortunately, we did not. I would just like to find out which edition he was in and purchase one. Can you help?

  5. Leanne

    Hi tina I wish I could help but I don’t know! I will ask my friend if she can tell us where to get it — or perhaps you could ask at Sick Kids hospital? I hope Jeremy is doing well!

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