Meanwhile in Beautiful British Columbia…


Thank-you, Paige!



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2 responses to “Meanwhile in Beautiful British Columbia…

  1. Helen Panteluk

    My sister who is 86 has breast cancer and is booked for surgery Nov.2 as she was waiting in the office she noticed a web site that she could get a pattern for a knitted breast which she would like to obtain but I cann,t seeem to find it. Would you be so kind as to e-mail it to me or tell me were I can get it.
    Thanks and ollking forward to hearing ffrom you.Helen

  2. lcoppen

    Um, I wish I knew where you could find knitted breasts. I really do – I think a knitted breast sounds fabulous. I’ll look around but if YOU find out can you write in again, and I’ll do a post on them.

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