Fast Forwarding the Wait: Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre

A few weeks ago, Georgia and my mom and I all participated in a commercial for a fundraising campaign for the Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.  


We had fun doing it and I’m a big supporter of the whole idea behind the Rapid Diagnostic Centre — that being to cut down the wait time between testing and diagnosis to one day.  Yes, just one.  Not the several agonizing weeks it usually takes.  Imagine taking that excruciating time-warped endless agony of wondering if you have cancer and smacking it right down to size?  Waiting for results is like your standard what’s-behind-the-door horror film scene: no matter what’s hiding behind that door, the scariest part is the eerie music and the slow, creeping, spine-tingling approach to the unknown evil lurking in the dark. I always have to fast-forward through those scenes. And basically that’s what the Gattuso Center will do for that slow, creeping, terrifying approach to the great unknown of a cancer diagnosis.

Of course it won’t always be good news behind that door. But, like in the movies, at least once you’ve seen the monster, you can start figuring out how to destroy it.

You can view the commercial here (at



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5 responses to “Fast Forwarding the Wait: Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre

  1. Katie

    Thanks for sharing this. I happen to work with one of the women in the “one day” part of the commercial. She was lucky enough to be one of the early beneficiaries of the rapid diagnostic centre — gosh, pretty hard to use a word like “lucky” when you’re talking about a cancer diagnosis — but she speaks with passion about the impact of that one day diagnosis. Meant her treatment could start so much faster.

    And by the way, you all look fabulous!


  2. Mary Lou

    What a postive thing to happen, so many women will benefit. Katie is right your look fabulous (so does your Mom and daughter.

  3. Alyssa

    I have loved the original commercial done by Princess Margaret and I think this is a great follow up for a great cause. Our family always does a holiday donation that Scott’s company, Telus, matches dollar for dollar and I can’t think of a better place to direct our money – and Telus’ -this year! And you do all look fabulous!

  4. lcoppen

    I can only imagine the impact of a one-day diagnosis. And I love that the vision is that once this one-day bar has been set for breast cancer diagnosis it will follow for other cancers.

    Alyssa that is so GREAT that you will be getting a holiday donation together for this! (Telus is a pretty darn amazing company that way; stay tuned for a blog post featuring the pink BlackBerry Pearl that Telus and Rethink Breast Cancer provide for FREE to women with b.c. through their Technology & Treatment Program…)

    And thanks for the compliments — must confess in the interest of full-disclosure that they did have a pretty talented make-up artist at the shoot!


  5. Christine

    Leanne, thanks so much to you, your mom and daughter for being a part of the commercial. I love how your scene turned out.

    Btw, Eleanor from Magic Castle just one of the two Kirch awards today…thought you’d like to know.

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