The Amazing Vanishing Blog Post!

If you checked in yesterday, you might now notice that there is a post missing; one in which I was letting off steam about a fruitless and frustrating encounter at my hospital on Friday.  I may have even said some… lets call them colourful things about the person I had the displeasure of encountering.  Anyway, my dad lives in the States, where people are forever suing each other, and he thought my post might be a bit slanderous, so I pulled it. 

But I wonder if I should have? Apart from a few speculations about this person’s pressing extra-curricular appointments, nothing I wrote was untrue.  I may have resorted to name-calling, yes, but at best that makes me uncharitable and at worst, immature.  Is it really grounds for a lawsuit?  And who sues a cancer patient for complaining about a doctor’s (appalling, unacceptable) lack of bedside manner?*  Wouldn’t that be terrible press for the hospital? 

Well, the unofficial (that means free) advice I got from a lawyer friend was “tone it down or take it down” so we may never know — the post has been pulled.  Let me be clear: not because I think it was in any way slanderous, but because if someone else thinks it is (like a team of hospital-backed lawyers, for instance) then the person in question wins and I end up with something to really be irked about — and nowhere to blog about it.


 *For the record I’m not talking about my oncologist. I love my oncologist and if anyone badmouths her they’ll incur my verbose and scathing ire.  This other guy however… Well, you know what they say: if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!



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2 responses to “The Amazing Vanishing Blog Post!

  1. Anita

    I thought maybe you’d been asked to pull that post, although I agree, I thought it was just honest and not slanderous.

    Sorry you’ve been having such a hard time of it, but glad you found out the reason. Hope the extra dose of chemo kicked cancer’s butt worse than it kicked your stomach!

  2. Carol W.

    Geez, sorry I missed reading it. That’ll teach me for not checking in everyday!

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