Cancer Perk Alert: Technology & Treatment Program

Now this is what I call a Cancer Perk!

I just received and set up my new (free! pink!) BlackBerry Pearl, courtesy of an amazing little program from Rethink Breast Cancer and Telus Mobility called Technology & Treatment.  Basically it means I can stay on top of the total chaos that is my life while having one less bill to worry about – the program offers women in treatment unlimited texting, browsing, e-mail and nationwide calling for free. Yes, I am totally serious. I wouldn’t make this up.  For those of you now thinking, ‘How can I get me one of those?’ I lifted this off the Rethink Breast Cancer site:

Who is eligible: Young women in Canada (in their 20s, 30s or early 40s) who are newly diagnosed and/or in active treatment for breast cancer. For more information, contact Rethink Breast Cancer at 416-920-0980 or toll free at 1-866-RETHINK. Or, send an email to

I can now read and reply to blog comments from… well, wherever I may be.  Plus I’ve already put all my gazillions of appointments in the calendar – CT scans, clinics, blood work, social stuff, work stuff… the whole nine enchiladas, as my friend Steve would say.  And yes,  I did set up a big fat reminder that notifies me when it’s time to take a break from chemo, so hopefully I won’t ever screw that up again.

Anyway it’s lovely. It made my day. And the people who help you set it up – both at Rethink and at Telus – are super nice and very helpful.  Call them.  Do it now. Stop reading, you should be calling. Dial now, please.

 Thanks to all you smart, kind people at Telus & Rethink!



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2 responses to “Cancer Perk Alert: Technology & Treatment Program

  1. Lisa Dunn

    Wow!. Thanks for the info Leanne.


  2. Lisa Dunn

    Okay, apparently there are tonnes of people who read your blog. I called rethinkbreastcancer about the technology and treatment offer and the first thing the woman who answered the phone asked was, “Did you hear about this on the Chatelaine blog?” Just thought you would want to know you are touching the lives of many people.

    Unfortunately, I may not be able to get a phone; I was on hold for 30 minutes and gave up. I sent an e-amil so we will see what happens. I guess they were almost out of the phones! Oh well, I should have acted faster – there aren’t that many cancer “perks” out there 🙂

    Take care,

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