Cancer Spots and Parking Spots

On the way to the hospital this morning, as we navigated the morning rush hour / rainy day traffic, my husband and I were saying that we would just for once like to leave one of these meetings with some really good news. Just a little luck, that’s all we wanted.  Sometimes it feels like we’ve been so beaten down with bad news and raw deals that just a tiny bit of good luck would send us into paroxysms of glee and gratitude.  We’d be so giddy that people would cross the street when they saw us coming.  

So, because the universe has a sick sense of humour (and has obviously bugged our car) when we arrived at the normally chaotic, totally un-parkable hospital, we found the world’s most perfect parking spot waiting for us right in front of the entrance to the breast clinic elevators.  Imagine – in the pouring rain, armed with a broken umbrella (I pulled it out of the stand in two pieces this morning) we beheld this beautiful, glorious parking spot – I swear it almost glowed. It almost made that chorus-of-angels sound. We had to laugh: just our luck that the answer to our prayers for good luck would come in the form of a great parking spot.  

Well, I’m very happy to say that the good luck didn’t end there today.  Ladies and Gentlemen: I have great news, good news and no news!!

First, the great news: The CT scan showed no spots in my brain! My notoriously low blood pressure is the cause of my dizziness and I can take a break from worrying about nasty things growing in my brain. I know some of you won’t be able to resist the airhead jokes (you know who you are… Shawn Coppen) so I’ll beat you to it: Finally, we have proof that there is nothing in my brain! And that’s fine with me.

Next, the good news: The lymph node tumours have either shrunk or stabilized!  Those one or two lumps in my neck are indeed getting smaller (okay, so maybe this counts as great news!) and the others haven’t managed to get any bigger.  Stabilization is almost as good as shrinkage, because, as my oncologist explained, Tykerb/lapatinib gradually stabilizes tumours over time and then begins to shrink them, hopefully all the way to oblivion.  So for now, stable is just fantastic in my books.

And finally, in the no news department: Well, it seems there was an error. The analysis of the chest CT scan was compared to an old scan from last year, rather than my most recent scan in August, so it’s no good. My oncologist has ordered a re-analysis against my most recent chest scan, so we can see what’s going on with the spots between my lungs. Reassuringly, my doc says her initial reading is good, but she will call me tomorrow when she has the complete analysis.  No news – while not as thrilling as “no new spots,” “shrinkage,” or “stable” – is still good news.

So, I’m massively, tearfully, hugely relieved.  And, oddly, also deeply thankful, though I’m not precisely sure to what or whom. But the gratitude I feel is strangely palpable; I can literally feel it emanating from me.  Also, I find I’m physically exhausted. Like, knackered.  I guess all the tension that I have been carrying has finally been released and my body wants me to let it rest now.  Which I will gladly do, as soon as I post this.

Tomorrow is another day – for chest scan results and parking spots – and let’s just hope the luck continues!



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14 responses to “Cancer Spots and Parking Spots

  1. Eva

    Leanne I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!I wish many happy returns of good parking spots as well as very good results!(in reverse order) Try to relax, you deserve it! Eva

  2. Laura

    Yay! Yay! Yay! I am thrilled to hear about your very good news. I am glad to know all of our prayers paid off for you. 🙂 Maybe after you catch up on your sleep you can take some time to kick back and relax doing your most favourite things.

  3. Aunty Carol

    Picture me doing the happy dance in my office! Literally! Awesome! Oh happy day!


  4. Lisa B

    Whew. So glad. So glad. But will keep the karma going.

  5. Anita


    Hope you’re somewhere having champagne and getting some lovin’.

  6. Georg W.

    Deborah and I are ecstatic to hear the great news and the good news. Hope you picked up a lottery ticket on your way home. Hehehehe

  7. Christine

    Yay, hope you are celebrating and i’m so happy for you!

  8. Linda

    Such excellent news Leanne!!!! You are a warrior!!! Oh! and cheers for the w-e drinks!!!!

  9. Sleepless in San Francisco

    You are my hero. Keep with the good news – my God, you have earned some! xoxoxo

  10. Gwen

    Obviously the stars were properly aligned yesterday! You got good news (yeah!) and a top parking spot to boot! I hope today’s report on the recent CT scan will continue the positive trend, and that you’ll follow that up by enjoying a truly well deserved wonderful weekend.

  11. Harriet

    Beautiful news and post. Big hug!

  12. lcoppen

    THANKS EVERYONE! What a nice thing it is to have so many people to share this good news with! I’m so relieved, and full of renewed hope. It’s amazing what a little good news can do!
    We’re heading up to a friend’s lakehouse for the weekend & some of the week. Hopefully I will be able to post a blog when we come back into town Wed or Thurs since there’s no internet connection up there — just us and some fresh air and lots of good food. Ahhhhh…

  13. Jodi

    Yay. This is going to be such a great book! I can’t wait to read it. Have an amazing weekend. Sending you lots of love.

  14. Jane Hall

    My heart is soooo happy for you and your family. Have an awesome mini-vacation and lots of R & R.

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