New Chemo, New Start

Yesterday was a long but totally bearable day at the hospital, thanks to my amazing oncology nurses, Marion and Roz (I’ve really missed them, even though we all agree we would love to not have to see each other at all, except perhaps socially!) And of course the time always passes more positively and peacefully when in good company, so I was happy to have my wündermummy there, and grateful for visits from familiar faces, especially a fellow mets-warrior, The Lovely Patricia. 

So then.  Here we are: I’ve started the new chemo combo and although I felt completely wiped out last night and my bones began to ache, this morning I felt better.  The regimen of anti-nausea pills and steroids will help me through these first few days, and the steroids will no doubt result in my having the appetite and energy of a teenage boy, and possibly the temperament of a pro-wrestler (wait, is there any difference?)  Just for a few days, then hopefully I’ll completely lose interest in arm-wrestling and pizza pops.  Then I go back in again next Wednesday for another hit of gemcitabine, followed by a week off before the cycle begins again all over again in January.

It feels like a new start, although not one that I would have wished for. I’m still up and down emotionally about it; usually okay, except when I have to really think or talk about it.  The tears at this point are about on par with the laughter, and actually I think that’s a totally acceptable place to be — at all times, really, not just when you have a cancer crisis.*

Anyway, enough already about me (uh, says the person who blogs about herself all the time?)  I wanted to add a quick update on George & Deborah Warkus’ battle to get coverage for the drugs Deborah needs to fight HER-2 mets. I blogged about them recently, and below is an article in today’s globe about their continued struggle:

*Having said that, the comments that you’ve posted and the e-mails from friends and family are helping me like crazy, so pleeeeease keep ’em coming!



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3 responses to “New Chemo, New Start

  1. Cheryl

    Hi Leanne. My name’s Cheryl. I don’t have a lot of experience with fighting the kinds of battles you’re having to face, so I fear that any encouragement I’d try to give might be woefully inadequate… But I wanted to still reach out to let you know that I’m thinking good thoughts and praying for you. I admire your courage and tenacity. I believe in my heart and soul that you’re going to beat this thing.

  2. Celia McBride

    The Universe does love you, Leanne! It’s the benevolent, guiding force in all of this. I love you, too. And your courage is hugely INSPIRING. There is no doubt you will live through this. None.

  3. Lisa Dunn

    Leanne, good luck with your new treatment. I liked what you said in your last post about living “years and years and years.” There are lots of people out there who have lived with this for MANY years, and we will make it too.


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