My dad found this clinical trials website for me when my doctor and I talked about looking at clinical trials that might have long application processes (the idea being that I don’t want to get caught with a treatment that isn’t working and face a long wait time for a clinical trial.)  Our deal is that I will look up any trials that I might be interested in and my oncologist will vet them to see if they are appropriate for me, and help me with applications as needed.  Shortlisting trials for my specific disease is made easy by the website which has you fill out a comprehensive medical history first, and then filters the posible clinical trials you might be eligible for accordingly. Thirty-eight came up on my list — everything from trials for new drugs and targeted therapies to stem cell transplants to power-of-prayer studies — and there is an e-mail notification option to alert you to any new studies that come up.  

Of course, the hope is that my current treatment will work for me & I won’t be needing these trials, but I’ve been treatment-hopping for a while now and am beginning to see the wisdom in adopting the Boy Scouts’ credo.

While this site lists U.S. clinical trials only, it does have a link to other non-U.S. sites. I found it very user-friendly and thorough. Check it out or pass it on…



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  1. Duckie

    I guess you already know this site, ( It’s probably the most comprehensive listing of clinical trials anywhere, in part because many journal won’t publish clinical trial results unless it’s been previously listed here or similar sites, e.g.:

    Love the puppy pic – you’re looking gorgeous, as ever!

  2. Leanne

    JODI thanks — i just went through and tried it and got 5 matches!
    DUCKIE — thank-you and no, I had never heard of either of those sites.
    This is super helpful you guys, I’m going to post these links on my blog so others can access them too!

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