Ode to my Cough

Cough, Cough

Please be off.

Please do your best

to vacate my chest.


You steal my air.

You cause me to swear.

I would like to breathe

But you make me seethe.


Inside my head

I’m full of dread

I’ve had it with you

I say Shoo! Shoo!


Just to be clear

You’re not wanted here:

Cough, cough

Please,  eff off.



Filed under Living with Breast Cancer

4 responses to “Ode to my Cough

  1. Celia McBride

    I love you, Leanne. I’m affirming your perfect health everyday. Don’t give up. Stay with your vision: “I don’t know what happened,” says Dr. Lungs, “But the cancer is just GONE!”

  2. Doona

    Hang in there, Leanne. It will better. Thinking of you and sending positives your way.

  3. Deb Alleyne

    Keepin’ it positive for ya, girl…

  4. Leanne

    Thank-you CELIA, DOONA and DEB. The good vibes are appreciated!

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