Ice Picks

I had a call from my oncologist’s office: I need to come in tomorrow to talk about the test results.  That means the CT scan results were turned around very quickly… and it doesn’t bode well that we need to meet immediately to discuss the results. 

I’m doing everything I can to hold it together – especially since Georgia is home with me today – but basically I’m a mess.  Axel came home during Georgia’s nap time and found me upstairs, lying on our bed.  He just put his arms around me and told me he loves me.  He had to go back to work, and now I can hear that Georgia is awake, so I have to snap out of this paralysis and back into life with my little girl, but I feel like I’m in a trance watching someone on the outside go through the motions while on the inside I’m frozen in fear.

Keep those ice picks handy.



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7 responses to “Ice Picks

  1. Haike

    Leanne …you dont know me but I have worked with your wonderful Mother. I have been reading your blogs for the past year. I can only imagine how hard this journey is for you. You are so incredibly strong with your words and wisdom. Please know that there are so many of us that are praying for you and sending positive energy your way. God bless you and your family. I have done so much work wit Breast Cancer….I too get frustrated with how this disease is still taking over! Piss off BC!

  2. Carol W.

    Leanne, given your situation it’s not competely surprising that your results would be turned around quickly – regardless of the outcome. There’s really nothing to be said that can take away your fear right now. All I can say is — you don’t know until you know. Until then, hold on! xo

  3. Gwen

    My thoughts are with you today, Leanne. The ice picks are indeed at the ready. I wish you strength to get through this very scary time.

  4. Katie

    Ice pick at the ready! We are here for you and waiting on pins and needles.

  5. Squiggysmom

    As the day is going on, you continue to be in my thoughts. My fingers and toes are crossed, my ice pick is poised and your gold medal awaits!


  6. angela

    I am thinking of you today

  7. Scott

    Big, warm hugs are readily available, in great supply and come with free delivery!

    You are not alone
    Thinking about you, lots

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