Brain MRI Results

THERE IS NOTHING IN MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EXCEPT MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The MRI came back clear! I can hardly believe it (especially as I have a gigantic headache aura as I type this) but it is the best news ever!!

I’m giddy, I’m elated, I’m relieved… I’m stunned and thrilled.  Hope – that fickle flame – has been reignited and doused with gasoline!  The champagne is chilling in the fridge; when my husband gets home (and once we stop hugging and crying) we’ll drink to healthy grey matter!  Could there be a better, happier toast?

Detroit here we come! Nothing in the brain means I’m getting on that train!



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43 responses to “Brain MRI Results

  1. Sandra

    FANTASTIQUE MA CHèRE!!! Bon voyage à Detroit 😉

  2. Laura

    Yes Leanne!!!!! That is AWESOME news! I kept on checking to see if u posted anything so thanks for informing us so soon! Soo happy for u! 🙂 Now go and enjoy that champagne!

  3. diane

    I’m without words! Imagine me hugging you!

    Love Diane!!!!!!!!

  4. Duncan

    …….fack Yeah !
    Yippeeee !

  5. Sue

    Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the BEST!!!!! The windows are shattering here with my yelps of joy! I have been waiting for you!!! Look out Detroit…you have no idea what you are about to encounter! Leanne, YOU CAN DO IT! You’ve got the power of all of us around you! We are ecstatic!!! Have a wonderful, super happy happy evening! Enjoy the champagne and start packing, your train is awaiting!!!! xo

  6. Katie

    YAAAAAY! I’ve been checking for two days, keeping my fingers crossed and wishing and hoping. Get on that train, Leanne!

  7. holly

    Best day ever!!!!!! I love this day!!!! I knew it! I knew it! No news was good news! I’m so happy and teary and happy! Champagne over here also!!!!

  8. Sarah Milke

    Hello Dear Leanne, there was something going on in my life today that was beyond irritating but your stunning news totally steamrolled it!! You have turned my day around and my appreciation is boundless. Look out, Detroit, here she comes! Geez, I wish I could pack your lunch or something. There was something you said re “Dr. Detroit” that makes her sound like a dynamo. I love strong-minded women, such as yourself, someone who says, “OK here we go, we’re doing this and we’re bringing out the big guns now!” I keep nudging my little angels who are around you. The thing about them is that they look like a motley crew, halos askew, feathers unkempt and such but they’re busy! Love, Sarah M.

  9. Carol W.

    Did you feel that? It was the earth moving…moving in response to your community of supporters/friends/followers jumping for joy! That’s the best news. I’m so happy for you and your family. Hope with a side order of champagne. Enjoy!


  10. Livia

    Great! I kept my fingers crossed for this.

  11. molly & reed

    The brilliant news we have all been waiting for – we will join in the happy toast. Here’s to Hope and the healing powers that await in Detroit.

  12. shannon

    wonderful wonderful news.
    so happy to read this.
    love to you xox

  13. Tess

    RAH, RAH, SIS, BOOM, BAH !!!!!!!!!!!!

    We just picked up your absolutely fantastic

    NEWS! We are so elated for you and everyone that

    is close to you Leanne. Have a fabulous night

    celebrating. We will be busting out the

    champagne tonight as well!! There is a great

    BIG TOAST coming your way. Here’s to your brain!

    HUGS & KISSES, Tess & Derek


  14. Christine

    hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing news!

  15. Doona

    WooooooooooHOOOOOOOOO I am so happy for you. Have a great night.

  16. Gwen

    I totally agree with everything said above! I am so happy and relieved for you, and can only imagine how you and your family must feel! Now after that roller coaster ride it’s to be a train ride, onward to Detroit! ASAP!

  17. Squiggysmom

    OMG! I am crying I’m so happy for you!!

    OMG OMG OMG! This news is rocking good!


  18. momofthree

    yahoo! and good on ya! this is wonderful news. hop on that train and here you go! Wishing you only good news from here on! WOW! — celebrate in style enjoy the bubbly and look out Detroit, HERE SHE COMES!

  19. Jen T

    Well, what to say that hasn’t been said…I second and third all of the above! I think I also felt the earth move just a little! Watch out Motor City!

  20. Linda

    Yessss!!! I really like you’re brain!!! Enjoy those french bubbles!

  21. Mary Lou

    Wonderful news, thank you for keeping us posted.

  22. Sleepless in San Francisco

    Rock ‘n roll!!!!!

  23. jo

    Champagne… bubbly , fizzy, overflowing, blushing, pink and giddy with celebration. Yes, indeed I held it high in the air tonight at a table with friends who invited me for dinner. i raced to the store exploring no other options but the finest. The occasion…well I’ll always find one…but tonight my friend it was you.. Yes, happily, skippingly, sippingly you! You You. You. Santé!!!!!!!! xo jo, vez, iliya and esmé.

  24. Tami

    I’m sure you don’t even mind any and all jokes about being empty headed do you?? yay! yay! yay!

    What fantastic news for you and your family. Now post that fund rasing link to your main page and lets get you rolling along!

  25. Andrea

    I am so HAPPY for you and your family. What great news, it made my day!

  26. Sarah

    And what a brain it is! Get on the train and lets wrap this puppy up!
    I want my long lunches partner back!

  27. Lejla and all of us here

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are all so very very very happy for you!!!!!!! This is such uplifting news and just go forward into new victories with this news!!!!!

    Leanne Coppen’s brain – what a wonderful, wonderfully wonderful thing!! Yes yes yes yes yes, I am seriously doing a happy dance!!!

    have that chilled, bubbly drink – you deserve it 2000% !!

    Lejla & Co

  28. Hank


    So freakin’ happy for you!!!!!! This is a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kisses and big hugs!!


  29. Laura

    Super duper excitedness!! This is excellent news–enjoy that champagne tonight! 🙂

  30. lulubelle

    How awsome and amazing!!!!! as Jalyn would say yipee kai eh!!!!!! I am smiling ear to ear and sending you all our love!! Never forget how amazing you are, your resilience and determination humble me! Detroit is just what we have all been hoping for, bring it on!

  31. Celia McBride

    RIGHT ON!!!!! Now we just have to convince the rest of the body that there’s no cancer in there either. Well, there isn’t. Because it’s GONE. IT’S JUST GONE. Hurray and love from the Far North.

  32. Lisa B.

    I just cried at my desk reading this. Not the first time I’ve cried reading your blog, but this time tears of pure happiness for you. Get your brain on that train.

  33. David Jones

    A toast:

    To Leanne’s brain:
    The only time she’s been happy to have been told she’s got less going on between her ears than she thought.

    Now, over the lips, past the gums, look out grey matter, here it comes.


  34. Phoenix Deb

    There aren’t enough exclamation marks in Christendom to follow this Huzzah. A bouquet of them, Coppen. Over the moon.

  35. Jenn T

    Leanne – we are so happy for you!! We will also be toasting to you tonight!
    Jenn & Jake

  36. tricia

    So happy for you and your family.
    So frekin happy!!!!!!!!!
    xo tricia

  37. Jane W

    This is just the best news ever! Reading your blog through tears of joy made my day! I am soooooooooo happy for you and your whole family. And I can see from the comments of all your fans, there sure was a lot of champagne/wine consumed and many toasts made last night in your honour. Big hugs, Jane

  38. Sheila

    Hooray hooray thank goodness hooray hooray!!!!

  39. Marnie

    I have goose bumps. And tears of joy.
    BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!

  40. Haike

    Cheers to you!!! I am so happy for you and your entire family. Enjoy the champagne and get on that train. xo

  41. Doona

    Hey Leanne,

    I just read my Chatelaine mag and there you are. Great article, by the way and did I not tell you the brain was okay. I have powers, you know. :))) I’m so happy for you.

  42. Andrew Giles

    Fantastic news L. Really, really great. 🙂

  43. Dimithri

    Awesome to hear Leanne!!!

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