Champagne and Sunshine

My happy high continues – fed in no small part by each new boisterous comment from you, my indefatigable invisible friends; my rag-tag scrappy support crew; my beloved cross-section of the very finest stuff on earth! 

Last evening, in a room flooded with sunlight, my husband and parents and I drank champagne on my bed while Georgia clambered around excitedly, flailing limbs and causing repeated near-spills of the precious elixir. (Luckily the French have special Jedi reflexes when it comes to champagne spills: my husband’s hand would automatically and deftly stop the falling bottle from hitting the floor before any of us anglos even knew it was in danger. Mais, bien sur.)

The colour returned to our faces, and it wasn’t just the bubbles at work. None of us had realized the extent of our dread.  No one had wanted to admit just how much fear we were living in, so we just kept buggering on, as Churchill would say.  And then this news!  This gift!  There was much laughter and shaking of heads in happy disbelief.

Only four adults and one little whirlygig, but the bedroom seemed somehow more crowded – I surmise that there were a lot of people with us in spirit.  Thank-you for sharing in our joy.  I also have a sneaking suspicion there was a spike in the collective tippling of this bog community last night – and why not?  It’s not often we get a chance to celebrate these days.  And one must warm up from time to time in preparation for the big party at the end of all this (when the cancer is just gone.)  But in the mean time I’m considering the wisdom of always keeping a bottle of champagne on-hand to encourage more reasons to celebrate to come my way. Can good karma be bribed with champagne?  Worth a shot.



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14 responses to “Champagne and Sunshine

  1. Jen T

    Ah yes, on the topic of that aforementioned party(I noticed when I was catching up on old entries)…I have been rather tardy with my RSVP. Hell yes, I’ll be there! Keep up the good spirits.

  2. Julia

    Amazing news!!! Can’t wait to drink champagne cheering for you and your super brain!
    I saw some cool facebook thingy about your big event, is there already date for it?

  3. pam

    I so pleased to meet you in the waiting room at MSH clinic today….especially after reading your good news re your clear brain! hope you enjoy much more champagne days….btw i think we share the same oncologist…

  4. Anita

    Waiting anxiously for my party invite! So happy to hear the good news!

  5. Gwen

    It was widely accepted in the UK when I was growing up that Churchill’s leadership played a huge part in leading the Allies to victory in the 2nd World War. So keep on following his advice! It worked for him.

  6. angela shelson

    Sooo happy for you and your family

  7. Tami

    Glad to be part of your invisible crew!! I stumbled across your blog one day doing some research on cancer, and was immediately drawn to you and your circumstances. My family has been affected by this hideous disease as well and after reading about you, you just landed on my heart! We are to bear each others burdens in this world, and I’m glad you are comforted by those you know and those you don’t.

    Staying a step ahead of cancer is indeed cause for celebration!

  8. Christine

    Just wanted to let you know that I celebrate with you and your family!! Wonderful news…..let’s hope and pray it’s only the beginning of more good news in the days ahead.
    I know only too well the ups and downs of awaiting test results as I have been on a similiar journey to yours the last 2 1/2 years….thanks so much for your openness and courage to share your story!

  9. Katie Osler

    I am all for cosmic energy being released in those little bubbles. We were at the Oochigeas fundraiser last night, cheering the indomitable power of people and their spirit over this crappy, crappy, crappy disease. My thoughts were with you and your great news (who knew negative results could be so super, or that Detroit would be exciting – yes, cancer turns the world upside down), and raising those magic bubbles in your honour! Like the kids at camp, you ARE a hero.

  10. Andrew Giles

    Seize the day my dear. It’s yours! 😉 xx

  11. carol cotton

    Don’t forget we have a date in 2014 !!!
    We are so happy for you Leanne,
    Love always,
    Carol and Mick

  12. Jodi Lastman

    I’m waiting for the BIG party. Can’t wait to share champagne and hugs and toast to your good health.


  13. Katie

    I have always loved a warm up party 🙂
    Let’s keep having them, shall we?

  14. Sarah Milke

    Hello Sweet Leanne, consider a line spoken by Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen in the movie Out of Africa (1985) My favorite movie always:
    ” God made the earth round so we couldn’t see too far down the road.”
    I always thought that it meant only doom and gloom over the horizon but I’ve come to believe over time that it means to stay still and enjoy the sweet moments that we’re given now. Sunrise, sunset… . A party on the bed in the sunshine with people around you that you adore and bubbly stuff and Georgia whirling here there and everywhere without a care.
    We look towards the horizon but it will always be down the road.
    Love, Sarah M.

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