Although we lost her in April 2010, the lovely Leanne Coppen was kind enough to leave for us this intimate account of her courageous two-year battle with breast cancer.

Over the course of 180+ posts to her ‘Living With Breast Cancer’ blog, Leanne shared her thoughts and fears on that difficult journey.Her audience was a community of strangers that soon became so charmed by her honesty and tenacity and wit;  and so concerned for the health of their friend – that a rare, mutual support blossomed from which both writer and reader drew strength and inspiration.  Leanne’s blog quickly became the most popular that Chatelaine.com had ever hosted.

Over the course of these posts, and the hundreds and hundreds of reader comments sent back to our heroine, lies the delicate tale of Leanne’s struggle to fight ‘the dragon’ that was threatening her and her family, and the invisible group of friends and admirers desperate to support and encourage her, and to help her make sense of it all.

This book was culled and reformatted from the data files of Leanne’s original blog on Chatelaine.  Text is presented in the ‘Georgia’ typeface.

July 2010
Toronto, Ontario