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Video: Weekend To End Breast Cancer 60K Walk

Today the fine people at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation sent me a link to the “Weekend To End Women’s Cancers” orientation video,  which I’m briefly in with my family. It’s a long video (and you should maybe get the kleenex ready) but our little part comes in around the six minute mark.

The video brings back a lot of memories of the 2-day 60 kilometer walk I participated in last September. It was such an emotional experience (I’m barely holding it together in the video… ditto for my mom) and such a rewarding one – I’ll never forget it.  

I am already signed up for the Walk again in the fall and even though I can’t even make it up the stairs right now without losing my breath and coughing, I’m still holding out hope that I will walk it somehow.  I’ve got about five months to get well enough to walk it.  It’s like this: Cancer, you don’t say “No” to me, I say “No” to you. 

Because you know what they say: when in hell, keep walking.



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60K in 60 Pics

I did it!  I walked every step of the 60K Weekend To End Breast Cancer Walk, with my BFFs/teammates/personal pep squad by my side.  It was an amazing, emotional, blister-producing, leg-stiffening, beautiful, slightly insane experience.  There were a lot of tears along the way (actually there were tears even before we took the first official steps…not naming any names… Mummy. Ahem.) and a lot of borderline-hysterical laughs, and even a little bit of dancing.  Best of all, it felt like a gigantic kick to cancer’s hind parts.  

Here’s what it looks like in 60 pictures:


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