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PMH Rapid Diagnosis Program

Remember when you went for tests and it became clear the doctor thought your lump wasn’t just a “lump” but a “LUMP”?  Remember how agonizing it was waiting for those results?  Remember how much worse it was when they confirmed that you had breast cancer?  And then, even more harrowing, the wait to find out what would be done, and when?


Total [insert expletive here] nightmare.


Well, yesterday it was announced that the Princess Margaret Hospital’s Breast Cancer Rapid Diagnosis program just received a big private donation to speed the whole testing, diagnostic and treatment planning process – to ONE DAY.


This is amazing news – as anyone who has lived through the nightmare of waiting, and then more waiting, knows.


The donaors are Allan Slaight (who was once my dad’s boss) and his partner Emannuelle Gattuso – a breast cancer survivor.  The program has been in beta since 2006, with a fund that was originally seeded by the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.  


A big thank-you Mr. Slaight and Ms. Gattuso, from all those of us who have endured the torture of waiting, and on behalf of all those who won’t have to.


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