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Going Boldly Back to Waxing

Today I learned one of those little things nobody tells you about life after chemo…


You know all that money and time and pain-management you have invested over the years in a little beauty ritual known as waxing your legs?  You know how after many years of such investment, the hair started thinning a bit, growing back a little more sparsely, the roots weakened and eventually (say after about 12 years) these little torture sessions became more tolerable?  Well our friend chemo resets the clock on all this.  When your hair grows back – right after you have celebrated the fact that you actually have hair to wax again after months without – you will find that those little roots are as deep and tough and determined as praire grass. Just like they were way back in the beginning of your first foray in to the world of waxing.


In a word: YEOUCH!


Still, I’m not complaining.  Well I am, obviously, but I’m grateful to have hair at all and what’s the pain of a leg wax compared to the myriad evil side-effects of chemo?


To those of you who are hairless: go baldly and bravely onward, knowing you will one day have hair again. 


To those who have hair again: go boldly and bravely back to your esthetician knowing you’ve been warned. 



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